Development, design, construction and delivery of turnkey hydroelectric power plants of various capacity or revamping of existing power plants.

We provide experience and professionalism in assessing the feasibility of power plants through geomorphological and hydrological studies, both in the presence of natural and artificial water ways.

We help the customer in the selection of the most appropriate dimension by providing an accurate technical-economic report.

Specifically, we deal with:

  • • Assessing, with an in-depth geomorphological, topographic and hydrologic study, the actual suitability of the site where the hydroelectric power plant is intended to be built, providing a detailed technical and economic report, including an assessment of the costs to sustain and expected returns.

  • • Complying with all bureaucratic requirements, resulting from the use of a natural resource like water.

  • • Designing and building the hydroelectric plant, assessing its dimensions (complex or mini-hydro) based on the site and the customer’s needs.

  • • Using only turbines from the best manufacturers/existing suppliers, selected to offer the best performance based on jump and water flow rate (Francis, Pelton and Kaplan type turbine).

  • • Providing supervision and control systems used to manage the installation both on-site and remotely making it possible to have all the information in real time related to production and machine data as well as the possibility of intervening in the event of alarms/faults thus drastically reducing installation downtimes.

  • • Offering a high safety standard.

  • • Supplying HV/MV/LV electric transformation stations, distribution stations and EPMS systems.

  • • Monitoring the customer’s installation after handing the keys over, with constant after sales assistance.