The Caraglio Group was founded in 1970 in Alba, when Giancarlo Caraglio started CARAGLIO, a company specialised in the designing and construction of electrical and electromechanical systems and equipment.

In those years the company became an important company creating electrical systems for prestigious companies such as Ferrero, Miroglio and Abet.

Thanks to its innate expertise, quality and selection of its professional staff, CARAGLIO consolidated its services becoming known as one of the leading companies for the energy and electrical and technological systems sector, offering them to the Italian and foreign market.


IDG ELETTROFORNITURE was founded in 1980, a company that sells electrical, electronic and lighting equipment, whose success led it to open new branches in all of northwest Italy.

NORDIMPIANTI, was established in the 90s, a company specialised in the creation of technological systems for the industrial and tertiary sector. CARAGLIO acquired CIEB, at the same time, a company with registered office in Fossano that manufactures medium and low voltage electrical panels.


This is how the CARAGLIO GROUP started, composed of companies able to provide solutions and synergic services in the most varied fields of the industrial sector, electricity production and management, tertiary and supply of electrical material, and recently for telecommunications and infrastructures.

The Caraglio Group is currently present on foreign markets as well. 

Following the expansion of Miroglio, in 1998 ENERGY-KA, was founded in Bulgaria a company specialised in electrical and technological systems for major industry with branches in Sofia, Plovdiv and Sliven. While international level orders multiplied, between 2006 and 2018 Caraglio Group branches opened in U.S.A, Canada, Messico, Brasile, Italia, Danimarca, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia .