CCTV, access controls, anti-intrusion, smoke detection, extinguishing systems, temperature management, ATUs, cooling systems, heating systems, BMS system, data network.

We develop and design automation systems for large buildings for public and private uses.

We develop and design automation systems for large buildings for public and private uses. These systems include integrated management of all the technological installations such as: the electrical system and interior and exterior lighting, the heating and cooling systems, the HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), special systems (anti-intrusion, CCTV and fire detection), systems to collect and manage energy data and consumption with the relative alarms for exceeding use thresholds.

We assist customers in finding the most suitable technological platform on the market, design the control system architecture and opportunely dimension it to ensure efficiency and functionality.

Building automation projects are dealt with aimed at integration and mediation between the control needs of the building facilities and those of the people who use them. Specifically, we pay attention to the safety aspects for property and people, but also comfort, energy savings, maintenance of the facilities in good working conditions to prevent irritating disservices, optimisation of maintenance and easy management of assets.

We make customised system supervision instruments available to customers

Our aim is to simplify and optimise running of the buildings, making it possible to analyse and reduce direct and indirect use costs: from maintenance operations to controlled use of electricity, up to regulation of ventilation and lighting levels based on the season and time of day.